Make Music

Mass Appeals

Mass appeals bring us all together to make some noise. This year we will be learning how to play the harmonica (and passing out 50 free Hohner harmonics), we’ll be jamming on some ukuleles and feeling the rhythm while bucket drumming.

Meet us in the pocket park at the corner of Main Street and Lady Street and help us make music!

6:00pm – We’ll have free harmonicas from Hohner and the legendary Jim “Wallstreet” Coulliard will teach us about the harmonica and will teach us the basics!

6:30pm – Ukulele jam! Paisley Marie Suttlemyre and Jessica Skinner will be leading a uke-along. We’ll have some extra ukes on hand but feel free to bring your own and play along with us. We’ll keep it simple for the newcomers 

7:00pm – Bucket Drumming 101! We have 25 sets of sticks from Vic Frith and buckets to play. Learn a little percussion and we can create beautiful music with the uke players!

*Mass Appeal, part of Make Music Day, brings together thousands of musicians – of all levels and ages – to make music in large, single-instrument groups. All are welcome to join these free events on June 21st.